For centuries, the Magic was feared and misunderstood. The Hextech Project has finally broken through its mystery. Will you be brave enough to harvest the Components Powers and become one of the elites?

Participate in the presale and become one of the first audacious explorers to jump into a world filled with mystery, ancient magic and unbelievable power
Powering the Hextech Core
Presale starts in:

The Components

They once said that Magic couldn’t be controlled. Prove them wrong.
Discover 7 components with extremely powerful abilities. Collect or trade them, increase your power and get more rewards when stacking functionalities are introduced.

What you do with the power of The Components is up to you: make the world a better place, or use it to get everything you’ve ever wanted - and more.
The choice is yours.

The Forge

This is where Science meets Magic. Assemble the Components to unleash mystical forces that provide great powers to holders. Use this power to pursue your journey, establish your dominance and get more rewards & returns.

Special announcement from the mayor: Dear citizens, the Forge is being renovated. Please do NOT disturb the workers. Opening scheduled for early 2022 - watch out for new announcements!

The Merchant

Merchants, adventurers, traders! You’ve come far, sometimes from the other side of the world to trade with The Merchant. Rest assured, The Merchant will be open very soon.

Here, you’ll be able to buy $HXT through public auctions and get your golden ticket for the Grand Lottery!

Bond your $HXT tokens earned through The Merchant to participate in the Grand Lottery… or just spend them all at the Undercity infamous bar.

The Merchant will open very soon in early 2022

The Roadmap

The road to success is long, but rewarding. Everything can be overcome with the right plan. Find what adventures await us below.
“A goal without a plan is just a wish”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The choice is yours.

Q1 2022
Protocol Deployment
The HexTech Token is launched and becomes tradable on the Uniswap DEX.
Listings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGeko and other portfolio sites.
Heavy marketing to grow the user base to keep $HXT value high.
Utility NFTs called Components become available for sale ahead of the Certificate of Deposit protocol launch.
Certificate of Deposit protocol launch.
Q2 2022
Introduction of the Black Market.
Website dApp V2 is launched alongside The HexTech NFT marketplace.
DAO votes on the ecosystem.
Constant marketing push through multiple digital and traditional communication channels.
Q3 2022
Developing the Hextech Ecosystem
NFT launchpad.
Project launchpad, using $HXT as the funding currency.
HexTech’s lore and branding development across multiple media and brand partnerships.
Q4 2022
Beyond Cryptocurrency
First fully crypto-sponsored eSport tournament.
HexTech banking services.